Charity tournament season is in full swing in the desert

It seems these days you can’t turn around in the desert without running into a golf tournament raising money for one charity or another.

Yes, there are charity events in the fall, and even one or two in the summer, but it is the late winter and early spring where charity tournament pop up two or three per week, it seems. From college alumni associations hosting tournaments to non-profits hosting tournament to event that raise money for children or medical-related issues, this is the time of year when golfers can do a little good and play some pretty nice golf courses at the same time.

And that is the key for a lot of desert golfers. Yes, some of the tournaments fill up their field pretty quickly with true believers in the particular cause, people who have supported a non-profit or its golf tournament year and year. But in many instances, the tournament struggle to fill a field of 144 players. So rather than not do anything, local golfers can take a chance and give some money to a good cause and get to play a little golf on a good course with some new playing partners.

Of course, you have to pick the right price to play. Some of the tournaments can be $300 or more (some a lot more), while some of the smaller tournaments are under $100, a pretty good price for a round of golf and likely a lunch.

So before you skip over news of just another charity tournament in the charity-rich Coachella Valley, stop and ask yourself if maybe this isn’t the right tournament, the right course and the right price to get you out on the course for a good cause.