Humana Day 4: coronation walk or dramatic finish?

Scott Stallings has a chance to make the final round of the Humana Challenge a little bit boring today. If Stallings, who already has a five-shot lead, should go out and birdie the second and fourth holes at the Palmer Course at PGA West, he could easily be sending a message this this is not going to be anything but a coronation walk.

Stallings is fare from a certain thing today to win the tournament. There will be more difficult pins today, and there is the pressure of Sunday. For Stallings, he will be looking to win for the third time in less that three full seasons on tour. That’s pretty impressive.

Any of the five players five shots back at the start of the day could get off to a roaring start and put a little more pressure on Stallings. But they know that today is about Stallings. Will Stallings let the rest of the field back in to the event, or will he run away and hide with the Bob Hope Memorial Trophy.

We should have an answer in the first two or three holes today.