Humana Day 3: the swing is the thing

Each year during the Humana Challenge I like to take one morning and just go out to the range to look at different swings. Because as much as we try to think that there is just one common swing and everyone teaching today teaches to one swing idea, the truth is each player has a different swing.

Here’s a few things that struck me today:

–I don’t know how Tommy Gainey hits the ball with his swing. No, it’s not that he wears two gloves, but he has such a shut swing back and then a blocked follow through. Then again, a guy named Arnold Palmer swung that way and had a nice career

–People talk about how wonderful Davis Love III’s swing is, and they have every right to say that. It’s simple, it is effective and it has a nice, high follow through.

–David Toms has one of the swings on tour that could be the swing of your country club’s amateur champions, a very straight-forward swing, a good swing. It’s just that Toms has won a PGA Championship with his swing.

–Kevin Stadler is a big man, but he doesn’t have the around-the-gut flat swing that you see so often with big players. It’s just kind of a regular golf swing.

–Phil Mickelson still hit his driver very hard. Very hard.

–Steve Jones, who was working on hitting a hybrid that he told his caddie he was wearing out this week, has want I guess would be called an old-school swing. A simple, one-piece swing,

Lot of players today, lot of different swings.