Getting the Humana rolling on Wednesday

A lot of the important people for Humana Challenge week are not at PGA West or La Quinta Country Club today. They are instead at the Health matter conference at La Quitna Resort.

But that doesn’t mean that things aren’t happening at the golf courses. After a bit of a frost delay this morning (actually an ice delay on the driving range) the players are hitting the course for practice rounds. That icy knife of a cold wind that blew through the courses yesterday is gone, so this could be a beautiful day.

There has been some confusion about the cost of parking at the tournament. General parking is not free. It is $8. And admission to Wednesday’s play at PGA West, the Bob Hope Legacy Pro-Am and practice rounds, is $39 at the gate.

I just saw tournament executive director Bob Marra and player and consultant Scott McCarron of La Quinta racing off to a meeting. McCarron has been working as a consultant on the tournament this year, helping with his connections inside the golf world. Those are the kinds of connections that can be invaluable as the tournament tried to build the strength of its field in the coming years. Everyone in the partnership believes this tournament is only going to get bigger and better in the coming years, and the field will be a big part of that.