Worst summer ever for golf?

Okay, every year someone pops up and says, gee, this is the worst summer I can remember. Every year, we think the temperatures were higher than ever before, the humidity was worse than ever, the summer lasted longer, the nights never cooled down.

Heck, if we live in the desert year-round, it is our right to complain about the weather. The people who don’t have that right are the folks who spend the summer in Seattle or Vancouver or Chicago. Because we are the ones who get to play golf in the desert heat.

That’s being said, I’ve had three people tell me in the last 24 hours that they are convinced this was the worst summer they can recall for golf in the Coachella Valley. The combination of 110-degree days and humidity that pushed dew points into the 70s was enough to drive people indoors from any outdoor activity, and that included golf.

But, as tends to happen ever year around this time, the temperatures have broken. Predictions for the next three days are that the high for the day in the desert won’t reach 90. And nighttime temperatures will reach the 60s, which is great for golf courses undergoing overseeding and want that rye grass to germinate and grow fast.

Unfortunately for desert golfers, the now-perfect golf weather comes when many courses are still closed for the overseeding period. Yes, there are a few courses that have already re-opened and there are a few courses that haven’t closed yet, waiting for the better weather. But just when you can feel that cool breeze on your cheek in the morning, there are few places you can play.

It will be another three weeks before almost every course in the desert re-opens. You might be itching to get out on the course, but for now, the break in the weather cna make you happy and get you thinking about November golf.